Compass Rose Foundation Mission

To govern, manage, and oversee educational institutions while developing partnerships in the workplace and community that foster innovative educational programs and employment opportunities.

Compass Rose Foundation Values

  • Integrity. Fostering a commitment to the integrity of administration, faculty, and staff in the delivery of programs and student services that promote opportunities for employment.
  • Consistency. Maintaining consistency of purpose in the development of training and education programs that serve the needs of the regional workforce.
  • Relevance. Supporting a culture of skill development that is relevant to the trends of the labor market.
  • Employability. Conducting research to identify trends in the labor market and design career training or academic programs that promote employability.
  • Collaboration. Building partnerships that foster common interests, contribute to quality and relevancy of program design, and support the betterment of the community.

Compass Rose Foundation Philosophy

The philosophy of Compass Rose Foundation is the belief in the nobility of work and developing educational initiatives that assist individuals in realizing their potential and contributing to their capacity to become productive members of society.