Making a Difference

For decades, Compass Rose Foundation has founded, governed, and operated private institutions of higher learning with a longstanding commitment to meeting the demands of the regional economy through academic programs and workforce training.

Our strategic vision is to continually seek to develop rigorous career training or academic programs that meet the current and future trends in the regional economy.

Celebrating 82 Years

The Compass Rose Foundation was founded in 1940. In 2022, we will be celebrating our 82nd year engaging in educational initiatives that support the training or education of students from applied and vocational certifications to baccalaureate and graduate degrees.

Compass Rose 81 Years Logo

Our Mission

To govern, manage, and oversee educational institutions while developing partnerships in the workplace and community that foster innovative educational programs and employment opportunities.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Compass Rose Foundation is the belief in the nobility of work and developing educational initiatives that assist individuals in realizing their potential and contributing to their capacity to become productive members of society.


Our System

Our Integrated Educational System is a collaborative effort to bring together business, industry, and education through partnerships that enhance student learning, employment opportunities, and community vitality.