Strategic Initiatives

The strategic vision of Compass Rose Foundation (CRF) is to continually seek to develop rigorous career training or academic programs that meet the current and future trends in the regional economy. Building partnerships in the community, industry, and with other non-profits are the cornerstone for successful implementation of CRF’s vision for student learning outcomes and improving employment opportunities for individuals.

  • Development of career training programs in power generation.
  • Expansion of Jones Technical Institute programs to include heavy equipment repair and logistics management.
  • Research and implement programs in compressed natural gas conversion technology and manufacturing technologies.
  • Expansion of career training programs for diverse student populations seeking vocational training to improve employment opportunities.
  • Development of a learning center that provides instruction in high school diploma or GED completion to improve high school completion rates and opportunities for postsecondary education.
  • Development of a learning model that enhances the acquisition of the soft skills identified through research and industry partnerships as critical to success in the workplace.
  • Commitment to promoting awareness of developing healthy lifestyles that will enrich lives and support the wellness trends in today’s employment environment.
  • Sponsoring educational forums open to the community on diverse topics in education, special education, and the trends in the labor market.