Aligning educational initiatives with the needs of industry and community.


What is the Compass Rose Foundation?

Compass Rose Foundation (CRF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Florida tax exempt corporation founded in 1940. CRF is an educational organization recognized under IRS designation 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) as a non-profit that governs, manages, and oversees educational institutions while developing partnerships in the workplace and community that foster innovative educational programs and employment opportunities.

What is Compass Rose Foundation’s “Integrated Educational System”?

Compass Rose Foundation’s integrated educational system is a collaborative effort to bring together business, industry, and education through partnerships that enhance student learning and employment opportunities while contributing to the vitality of the communities in which we live and work.

What is the primary focus of Compass Rose Foundation?
  • Founding, governing, and overseeing academic and career training programs that support the needs of the economy and promotes employment opportunities.
  • Building partnerships among industry leaders and the community to foster development of educational initiatives that align with workforce trends.
  • Promoting high school completion rates by engaging students in alternative educational programs to accomplish an accredited high school diploma.
  • Supporting career training and employment opportunities among diverse student populations.
  • Sponsoring educational and/or industry related educational forums for the community.
  • Researching career paths aligned with labor market trends and best practices for instructional techniques to improve the mastery of employment related skills and student learning outcomes.
How is Compass Rose Foundation governed?

Compass Rose Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees with diverse backgrounds in higher education, career training, law, organizational and business leadership, and the trade industries.

The Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring the ongoing quality of Compass Rose Foundation’s educational initiatives and the relevancy of program design with workforce trends. The Board also encourages research of the most contemporary instructional techniques that improve student outcomes and employment opportunities of its graduates.